Why Waiting For The Top To Sell Could Be A Huge Mistake!

Why Waiting For The Top To Sell Could Be A Huge Mistake!
Phil Jordan:
So if you’re thinking of selling and you’re trying to time the market, if you’re thinking should I wait to let the market go up more then sell? Wow. That is pretty risky because you just never know when the peak is until it’s too late.

And that’s known in all the markets and you might take the stock market for sort of an example, a lesson to learn from that when the stock market tends to start to go in a parabolic direction up. Well, that’s the time you definitely want to sell. When buyers are really excited about the market, then that’s the time to sell. When the news is positive about real estate, that’s when you want to sell. You have the maximum amount of buyers excited about buying. They compete with each other.

So that’s right now, actually, and we’ve been there for about three months. So as soon as the media turns on us, now it’s things have cooled down. That media comment is going to be all over. Buyers are going to start souring, holding back. Now, you don’t have that upward momentum.
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